1 Overview

This is the first installment of “Introduction to R & Statistics”. We will learn the first steps in R programming. We will also learn how to conduct essential statistical analyses, and report its summaries and visualizations.

1.1 Course Aims

  • The course aims to teach students about R in RStudio (and get acquainted with a bit of Rmarkdown & LaTeX).
  • The course should give students a fair understanding about how to navigate R, its sevearal functions, and develop a broader knowledge of applied statistics.
    • Open RStudio. Identify the Console, Script, Environment, and Plots pane.
    • Load a script file, run lines from it, edit and save the script file. Set a working directory.
    • Load a Workspace containing an R dataframe, edit the dataset, and save the Workspace.
    • Install an R ‘package’; import data from .csv (comma separated value) file format and .xlsx (Excel) file format.
    • Create univariate visualizations with two different R packages.
    • Identify books, websites, and additional sources for further learning and help.

1.2 Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Students will be able to disseminate research findings in a reproducible way and in written form
  • Students will be able to conduct general and discipline-specific analyses aiming at research